Join the Exchange Tokens campaign

The ICOs of the BOMESP platform have started and with them they start the “Exchange Tokens” campaign where you can exchange your NBC’s for NFXC and TraderX Coins.

Exchange Details

NFX Coin (NFXC)Exchange Here

  • NBC = US$5,00
  • NFXC aprox. Value= US$0,22
  • 1 NBC may be exchanged for 23 NFXC
  • Limit of 87 NBC, equivalent to 2000 NFXC

TraderX Coin (TDR)Exchange Here

  • NBC = US$5,00
  • TDR aprox. value = US$0,06
  • 1 NBC may be exchanged for 87 TDR
  • Limit of 23 NBC, equivalent to  2000 TDR


  1. Limited to 1 purchase per user;
  2. The email must be the same as the one registered in BOMESP;
  3. Total Exchanges limited to 10 million or until our inventory lasts;
  4. If the exchange number reaches 10 million, it will be changed in order of arrival on the form;
  5. The deadline to fill out the form is until March 15th. The tokens will be distributed from the week of the march 25th.

About the ICOs

NFXCoin (NFXC) will be the driving force of NFXTRADER, a new exchange that is emerging in the market bringing several new features such as the integration of NETELLER, SKRILL and ADVCASH, and will still count on bank account and the implementation of a card for its users have the ability to use their crypto-coins on a day-to-day basis. Know more about it here.

The currency TraderX (TDR) is the financial gas for the platform of Few Nickels agriculture Smart Services, where people will avoid paying fees using TDR, can be a means of investment for investors in farmers contracts, which will provide exclusive access to the open financial farmers contracts and be an instrument to pay buy early buy / sell farmers contract products. Know more about it here.

Ulterior States – Documentário

Nome: Ulterior StatesDuração: 52 minutosEstúdio: IamSatoshi Sinopse: Ulterior States foi produzido por IamSatoshi, em um projeto documental argumentativo que responde uma dúvida comum ao ecossistema de criptoativos:

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O que são Smart Contracts?

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